Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Preparing to Move (again)

We are moving back to the ranch. I am actually okay with it, seeing as I feel so much safer there. Even with all the black widow spiders that have shown up in the past week. We won't officially move until after the new year, but we are slowly getting things transferred. I don't want to take as much stuff out there as last time though. It made the move really hard and it isn't needed. 
 Marshall has a new dog. Her name is Mia and she is an American Pit Bull. She is a rescue from down the street. The old owners weren't taking good care of her, letting her just run all over the neighborhood and not feeding her. Poor thing has been abused and is so skinny. She really doesn't like loud noises or wild motions. I am worried that she has PTSD. I just hope she does okay on the ranch. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Life in the city is never boring..

Last night we had a drive-by next door. They shot at least six times into the house's walls and hit one window. None of the neighbors were hurt, but it has proven to me that this place is no longer safe. My bedroom is on the front of the house and I was sitting in there talking to Ian when the shots rang out. That could have been my house. I would have been hit or Sean, who was sitting in the living room, or one of my bunnies or the chickens. I am seriously reconsidering my move back to San Antonio. I know it is safer in Hondo. There are no close neighbors and we are out in the country there. Guess I need to talk to Marshall and see what he says.