Friday, October 7, 2016

New Bunnies and some chickens!

After the loss of Lily, I was ready to be done with all the farm animals. Marshall had other ideas and on the day before our anniversary he bought me 6 little baby chicks. One didn't make it though. I think she was too small and, to be frank, it happens. The other 5 are doing wonderfully and will soon be ready to go outside in a coop.
Last week I found a woman on Craigslist that was selling her 4 bunnies (1 male and 3 females) and we took them. So now we have 7 bunnies, counting Boo's bunny Lilo.
This is Snow, the male:
This is Jane, his girlfriend and mother to the two girls Hazel and Tabitha.
This is Hazel:
and this is Tabitha:
All the bunnies are happy and fat. I am hoping to get lots of babies soon :)

Bryan found an adult hen in a ditch near the house, so now we also have a full-grown chicken living here. Her name is China because she sounds like she is doing kung-fu. This is China:
So there is the barnyard for now. We built two more hutches yesterday, and still have one more to go. Plus we still have to build the chicken coop and run. Poor China is living in a rabbit hutch for the time being. She seems ok with it though and lays her eggs in the bedding box. I guess I get my homestead here and I won't have to go back to the ranch. Yay!

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