Monday, August 15, 2016

Back in the City

July 3rd Marshall and I moved back to our house in San Antonio! I am really glad to be off that godforsaken ranch. We brought the bunnies with us, unfortunately we lost Thumper to someone letting him out of his cage during the night and the dogs next door getting a hold of him, but the other three are doing well in their new hutches. 
  Marshall hates it here and it is affecting our relationship. I am starting to see behaviors from him like the ones he was showing before I left him last year. Hopefully those will go away soon. 
  My granddaughter Tara turned 2 yesterday. She is getting so big :) She is also the epitome of the words "terrible twos" but she should outgrow it. I hope. Heather and Sean spoil her something fierce and I attribute her behavior to that. I am working on getting her to talk, but she isn't wanting to right now. Apparently her mama has gotten used to just giving her what she points at or screams over and she hasn't had to use her words. 
  Bryan, his girlfriend Misty, her infant daughter Grace, and Misty's grandmother are moving in here for two months or so. I am not happy about it, but Marshall overrode me. 
  Sorry if I sound so negative about everything. I feel so stressed again, even though I am back in my house. I suppose it is all the changes. Things should settle to the new normal soon.

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