Saturday, January 3, 2015

Time Returns to As Close To Whatever Passes as Normal

Things here have gotten back to what passes as normal, at least for us. Marshall has started taking methadone for his pain. It doesn't seem to be doing anything except make him nauseous. No pain relief.
  We have been going out to the ranch in Hondo about once a month to visit Frazier's grandparents and to help them out with things. We went yesterday after having delayed Christmas due to Marshall being sick. It was cold and really muddy out there.
 My friend Tom has been having a bad start to his New Year. His son got arrested and then the next day got into a wreck and totalled Tom's Mustang.  Not the way to start off the year.
 Bryan is still acting up, even after his stint in juvenile. He has to go back to court, but we don't have a date yet. I know they are going to put him back in. After how he has been acting the past couple of months, I think it will be a good thing. Lately I have been wanting to just run away from all of it. I just don't want to lose my time with my granddaughter Tara. She was born on Sept. 14th. She is the light of my life.
  Seanie is in the musical again this year as well as one act so he is at rehearsal all the time. He doesn't even have time for work until it is all over in April. Marshall is getting him a 1976 VW Beetle to work on so he has a car. It should be  here this month.
  Jess has a new boyfriend named Nick. He moved in with her at Di's last weekend. I am not too sure I like him. He seems a bit more than odd.
  I have been back eating mostly vegetarian again for about a month or so. My gall bladder won't let me eat meat a lot so I don't. Marshall and Frazier and I went to Bill Miller's today for lunch. I had a salad and a baked potato. I really need to go vegan, but it is really hard when you have 4 carnivores in the house.

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