Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where Have the Years Gone?

  Sean is a senior in high school this year. As I let him drive me to his school on the first day of classes, I looked over at my almost an adult son and wondered where is the little boy that was so afraid of tornadoes that every time there were thunderstorms he hid, and where did the skinny little unicycle rider go, the one that almost gave me a heart attack when he would fall off that thing that was almost as tall as he was. Where did my little baby go, the one whose first word was not Mama or Dada, but "Taz" because my husband surrounded him with every baby Taz thing he could find. Where did the time go and why do I feel like somehow it has left me behind? Now he is waiting for his letter jacket with the varsity theater and orchestra letters and the patch made just for his magnet school that makes him one of the elite. I am so proud of him, yet I still want to know where my little boy went and when did this almost man get here? Of course, there is a little child left, with the squid hat and the Bowzer hat he got last week. Soon though, he will go too, and he will be grown.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ah the Drama

Robin Williams committed suicide because of depression and because he didn't want to put his family through him declining with Parkinson's. The hashtag advocacy of #ALSIceBucketChallenge is setting people off on how it is wasting water in California and doing nothing for ALS (except raise awareness and boatloads of money for research). I know there will always be people out there who have no compassion and who look down on those who do, but if you are one of those people, please do those of us with a heart a favor and stay under your rock. I like having faith that there are good people out there who want to help, and think that yes, suicide is sad and hurts, but in some cases it is the love of the person who takes their own life for their own family or friends. I know this isn't a popular belief, and I will possibly lose friends for this, but face it, it is what it is, a choice. For those that think that Robin Williams took the coward's way out, have you ever seen someone with Parkinson's? My mom had it and it killed her. I think Robin Williams was brave. Yes, it hurt his family and the world to lose him, but it saved all of us from watching a wonderful man and actor disintegrate in front of our eyes, leaving us with that as a memory instead of the laughter and joy he brought us all. A little compassion folks, that's all. And maybe a check and a bucket of ice :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

We are Grandparents!

As of Thursday the 14th at 11:20 pm, Marshall and I are officially the proud grandparents of a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Tara Rhiannon, she weighed 7 lbs 8 oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long. She is a good baby, she sleeps a lot, and already has her grandpa wrapped around her little finger. She also

has her daddy around said finger. I am lucky if I get to hold her if Marshall is there. I am really glad she is here and can't wait until she is big enough to play with. Right now she is just being a lap baby, but that is fine with all of us. We love holding her and loving on her.