Monday, July 14, 2014

The More Things Change...

  Last week, Heather was taken out of work and put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy due to having mild pre-eclampsia.  The doctor gave her the two steroid shots in the event they have to deliver Tara early. Heather and Sean will be moving in with my mother in law one day this week. This is because Sean doesn't make enough to cover the rent in their apartment without Heather working. 
  Marshall is at the doctor today to try to get some pain med that actually work. Two weeks ago he was given shots in his back and steroids in his hip and those did nothing but put him in more pain, so now he is hoping that the doctor will give him meds that might work this time. I am starting to doubt anything will work except surgery.
  My mother in law's puppy Buddha died this morning from some form of poison. We think he got a hold of a rat or something that had died and it poisoned him. This is the second dog in our family that has died like this since we moved back from North Carolina. Zoey was the first one three years ago.
  We have a new kitten named Bartholomew, Bart for short. He is one of Heather's cat's babies. We will be getting his brother Hercules when she moves, along with our former cat Smoke. Stevie and Riven will be going with them to my mother in law's. 
  School starts on the 25th of August. I have been getting everything ready for Bryan's GED prep work. He will be taking the test when he is 17, so I have this year and next to get him ready.

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