Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Summer

Three more days and school will be over for Sean and he will be a Senior. I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. 
 Ian will be home from his month in Florida on Friday. Marshall and Mavis are having a birthday party on Saturday, so he gets in right on time for that. 
 Bree has been back in Laurel Ridge since the police took her for being suicidal on Friday. This is twice now in a matter of a month. She is really not stable. Of course, she is chasing Bryan and her being 27 and he being 15 makes that obvious. I will really be glad when she is out of the picture for good.
 Marshall is not doing any better on his back and hip. He goes for MRIs on Thursday and a follow-up with the pain doctor on Wednesday. 
 Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday. I don't need that. My life is chaotic and drama-laden enough. 
 Last month I made a batch of the berry brew. It will be fully done at the end of July. I am hoping it might help Marshall where other things have failed him. It seems that traditional medicine isn't going to fix the problem, so we might as well look elsewhere.

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