Thursday, February 27, 2014

And Again We Are Off on a Homeschool Adventure

  Bryan wasn't doing well at the school he began the year in, so Marshall decided to take him out again. This time it's for good. Bryan will be starting on a GED program that should get him his GED by 2016. He wants to go into auto mechanics, so I am going to get him the Chilton manuals for all of our cars and his grandma's cars and let him see what he can do. Of course Marshall will be supervising him so he doesn't mess up anything, but he should learn a lot from those books.
  Our insurance goes into effect in two days and Marshall and Bryan both have doctor's appointments soon after. I will be glad when Marshall can get some pain relief. He has been miserable for a long time now.
  Boo got baby sonogram pictures! The baby is really small still, but looks healthy, though we can't tell the gender quite yet. 
  Ian messed up his knee at work tonight, so he is out until he can get the insurance to get him in to see one of his company's doctors. 
  Sean started Driver's Ed classes on the 10th. He should have his license by April if everything goes well. 
  Jess and her boyfriend David are no longer together and she is back in San Antonio living in her old apartment with her friends Kevin and Jackie.
  As for me, I am wishing Spring would get here so I can plant my garden. I am tired of cold weather. This morning my windshield was iced over when I left to take Sean to school. It has also been raining, which we needed, but I have problems driving in.
  My car is going into the shop within a week or so because the whole front end is messed up. It squeals, it grinds, it has bad brakes and suspension and the power steering is shot. So I will be driving my mom's old Buick for a while. I am very blessed to have another car to drive. 
 Well, that's about it for the news for February. Have a great one, folks :)

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