Thursday, January 30, 2014

January is Almost Gone

Seems I can't update more that once a month :) I really need to try harder, I guess. Last Friday we got a tiny bit of snow and some ice, so the schools and highways shut down. Tuesday it was really cold, but no ice. The rest of the month has been nice for the most part, weather-wise.
  I am going to officially be a grandma! Heather is pregnant and it looks like she is due sometime in September. No official date yet because she is waiting to get her insurance card. I am thrilled. Marshall is too, but won't admit it.
  Shadow is getting a lot bigger. She spends her days in here in the office with me, usually asleep or on my desk or asleep on my desk. Right now she is bathing herself on my desk. 
  I can't wait for Spring. Marshall got the area for my garden fenced in with chain-link and all it needs now are the pebbles. I am doing containers this year instead of raised beds so I can move them around if need be. I made two crystal and stone charms for the fence yesterday. I need more glass beads and crystals to make a few more. I want it to be beautiful and magical out there. I am also making some glass pebble lanterns to go on posts between the planters. I think that will be nice to look at.
  Have a good one everyone!

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