Monday, August 12, 2013

My New Office

Today I got a new office. Well, it is new to me. It used to be the boys' bedroom until we built them a new one. I moved my desk and cabinets and everything in here this morning and now for the decorating. That is always the best part of a new room. I can't paint or replace the carpet right now, but I can decorate the walls and such. There are even little stars on the ceiling from when Heather lived in here. So at night I get my own little planetarium show :)  I also finished painting my file cabinet a pretty grass green and I am going to move my herb trunk in here from my room, So far, Stevie is the only cat that hangs out in here, but they will come around once they get used to it being an office. I am a very happy witch at the moment :)

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