Thursday, July 25, 2013

She's Out of the Hospital and other news

Jess was released from the hospital two days ago. She still has pneumonia. Tell me, what hospital would let a patient with pneumonia out? That makes no sense to me at all. 
  Good news, the tree is finally down! Now there are a bunch of hibiscus plants in my yard where our neighbor decided to give us all of hers. My MIL is getting our roses for her yard and some root cuttings from the other plants we got from the neighbor.
  I think I am finished with getting stuff for Bryan's school. I decided not to do the zoology and I am combining the two history classes into one. He has no real interest in history, but needs to know it. 
 For a week now I have been trying to sell this antique secretary desk I bought about 12 years ago when we had a house with a formal living room. I paid $1,700.00 for it then, and it appraised two years ago at $2,000.00. I am only asking $1,500 for it, and it is in excellent shape for something from the late 1800's. It amazes me that no one wants it. It is gorgeous and hand carved with hardly any wear or damage but a couple of tiny scratches. I did have someone offer me $800 for it and the chair, but I refused. That is way too low. I guess I am keeping it for a while. 

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