Thursday, July 25, 2013

She's Out of the Hospital and other news

Jess was released from the hospital two days ago. She still has pneumonia. Tell me, what hospital would let a patient with pneumonia out? That makes no sense to me at all. 
  Good news, the tree is finally down! Now there are a bunch of hibiscus plants in my yard where our neighbor decided to give us all of hers. My MIL is getting our roses for her yard and some root cuttings from the other plants we got from the neighbor.
  I think I am finished with getting stuff for Bryan's school. I decided not to do the zoology and I am combining the two history classes into one. He has no real interest in history, but needs to know it. 
 For a week now I have been trying to sell this antique secretary desk I bought about 12 years ago when we had a house with a formal living room. I paid $1,700.00 for it then, and it appraised two years ago at $2,000.00. I am only asking $1,500 for it, and it is in excellent shape for something from the late 1800's. It amazes me that no one wants it. It is gorgeous and hand carved with hardly any wear or damage but a couple of tiny scratches. I did have someone offer me $800 for it and the chair, but I refused. That is way too low. I guess I am keeping it for a while. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eat Fat to Lose Fat- My Experiment

I have embarked on a whole new way of eating. It is a little Paleo, a little low carb, and a whole lot of different. Marshall thinks I have lost my mind, but it seems to be working. I am eating lots of food, lots of fat and I am slowly losing weight. No exercise either, since I have been sick for the past week with a bad cold. I have been adding about a 1/4 cup of coconut oil to my shakes in the mornings, I am cooking with coconut oil and butter instead of margarine, and I am getting ready to learn to make Ghee. Here is a link to the tutorial:
Ghee Tutorial. I need to find a local source for grass-fed butter and meat though. I am also thinking of making some coffee in a weird way: Butterbeliever has this recipe: Energy Coffee Recipe and it sounds interesting. So, am I nuts? I think as long as it works, I am all for it.

Done with Summer

I am ready for summer to be over. It is too hot and I can't wait for school to start. I have been working on getting Bryan's textbooks together for this year and just need to get stuff for art history and zoology. He will be doing American and World History together as well as Algebra and Biology and Zoology, plus Art History and Auto Mechanics with Logan and Construction with Di and Marshall. I am thinking I might throw in some Chemistry too if there is a need for it. 
  Speaking of school, Boo is looking into law school. I guess after all those years of us telling her she needed to be a lawyer she decided to listen. I am really happy she is going back to school.
  Ian is looking into school too. He wants to do law enforcement. That scares me but he is an adult, so I have to let him do what he is going to do.
  Sean is going to be a Junior this year. I am really proud of him. He is in Varsity Theater and Orchestra this year. He has worked so hard to get there, and we are all very happy for him. 
  Jess is still in the hospital. Now she is on oxygen because one of her meds is causing problems. I hope these doctors can get her straightened out soon. Her body can't take much more of this.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Awesome Advice

From Raw for Beauty on Facebook. Awesome advice for everyone to remember.

My Family

This is my family, Christmas 2012.  Front row left to right: Heather, Me, Jess  2nd Row left to right: Sean, Bryan (with ham in his mouth), Ian, and my husband Marshall      Back row: Heather's husband Sean. 
  Now you have faces to go with the names :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

She's still in the Hospital

Now the doctors are saying it was a bad flare-up of the Crohn's and they have put her on biological meds for it. She still doesn't know when she will be coming home, but it should be soon.
  I have been sick for the past few days with a bug I caught when I went to the grocery store, of all places. It felt like strep with a bad fever, chills, dizziness. All the goodies.
  Marshall has another doctor's appointment tomorrow for his disability. He has to be there at 8:30 in the morning. Oh joy.
  We have had no money at all for the last week, and groceries are running out. Doesn't look like there will be any money any time soon either as the new trust manager isn't taking my calls or calling me back. This is not good. It seems like no one cares if we lose everything. Mom did not mean for this to happen, I am sure. I can't see her meaning to screw us over like this without Sherwood's  help or encouragement. 
  Well, I need to get back to playing catch-up on FB.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

And again..

Jess is in the hospital. This time they are thinking colonitis and the return of the original infection. They are also talking another colonoscopy. Oh joy. She is not happy at all. Hopefully, this time they will get what is wrong with her and she can get on with her life instead of spending so much time in the hospital.
  Mavis and Glenn are buying a house down the street from us and will be moving out of here around the first of August. Ian is moving in with them so we will be down three people. The will also be taking Bear and Fuzzles so we will be down a dog and a cat.
  My garden is starting to fail me. Yesterday it was really wilted despite all the watering. I don't know what to do to save it.
  We went to Mom's storage unit today. I found my crystal goblets! I am really happy because I thought I had lost them when Mom's stuff went off to the consignment shop courtesy of that "friend" of hers. Now if I can find the Christmas stockings..
  Well, that's about it for now. Gotta get back to laundry.

Monday, July 1, 2013

News from the Doctor

Marshall went to the doctor about his back today. The doc said it looks like he has deep vein thrombosis in his right leg along with some sort of damage to his right hip along with the back problems. That would explain the swelling in his leg and all the falls he has taken. So, they did x-rays. Nothing showed up so now we wait for them to tell him he has to go to get an MRI or CAT scan. Yay radiation!
  The tree still stands. It rained and it got to live a little longer. Later this week it is coming down.
  Tomorrow I am going back to the gym. I am getting stressed again and need to go let off some steam.
  My SIL Teresa has a new baby girl. Apparently she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant and then popped out the little darling in the bathtub this morning when she went into labor. Wow. Makes for an interesting start to the week.