Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Weekend Begins

Today is the first weekend of summer break and already I am hearing how bored certain teenagers are. This is starting out to be a really long summer. Yesterday it rained and thundered most of the morning, so I didn't have to water the garden. Today I looked in on it and it still looked good, so I didn't water. I did harvest some more of the basil and a little mint though. Those basil plants are really growing.
 Our unofficially adopted son Anthony graduated on Thursday. I am really proud of him. He has come out of a really bad family situation and has really done a wonderful job of raising himself for the most part, save the year and a half he lived with us. 
  6:50 PM- Just got back from taking Logan to the ER. He tore a muscle in his back trying to load the U-Haul for his dad to go to Oklahoma. His dad left and went on to OK and Logan was in the ER. What a creep. What is it with so many bad parents these days? It really makes me mad that someone would do that to their child when the kid is in the ER in pain and has to be taken there by a neighbor. Wow.
  Well, I was wanting more excitement. Guess I got it. 

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