Friday, June 21, 2013

The Week in Retrospect

It could have been a worse week. Jess is back in the hospital and has been since Wednesday. I should be getting the money to fix my car sometime tomorrow so I can get her back on the road :) Marshall got 2 letters from Social Security about doctor's appointments for his disability, so he is happy. Logan is putting in applications for jobs, Sean has another interview at the Rialto on Monday for his job application he put in (he had his first interview today), and Michael is also trying to get a job. I am really proud of the boys. They are stepping up. 
  I am fascinated with the lives of the Romany Gypsies. I guess it's because my biological mother's family had Travelers in it. I want my own vardo, and think it would be a great way to see the country. My car would pull it. I have been gathering pictures of how I want to decorate my bedroom to look like the inside of one and plan on starting on that soon also. I am sure Marshall will think I have lost my mind. Just look at the lady below. She looks happy. That is how I want to look :)

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