Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Past Week

It has been a really rough week. We were supposed to be starting on converting the garage for the boys but instead are having to wait on the money, which is really frustrating. It was supposed to be here yesterday. Marshall is not a happy man right now. He hates having to wait on anything.
  Thursday, Jess went back in the hospital. She was dehydrated and not absorbing the food properly, so they are keeping an eye on her and trying to figure out how to get her to gain weight. To top it off, she and I had a major fight yesterday which resulted in me not wanting anything to do with her for a while. It did do one thing though, I got my priorities back and am not going to be anyone's doormat anymore. I am tired of being treated like crap by everyone, so at least that is a good thing that came of all the drama yesterday.
  My garden is growing a lot. I got 3 new sweet basil plants last week and planted 12 bean plants and a whole lot of carrots in a container. I also got a boxwood basil plant and a spicy globe basil plant and put those in flower boxes in the front of the house, plus planted some lime basil and lemon balm. I will get the chives and some other stuff planted in the next few days, I hope. I really wanted corn this year, but have no place to put it.
  Next week is Sean's last week of school for the year, so he is looking forward to that. Not the finals though. Bryan is already done, but will be going back to public school in the fall, I think. He misses his friends.
Well, it is raining badly again, so I had better go before we lost power. Peace all :)

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