Sunday, June 2, 2013

So Much for Impatience

Today Marshall and the boys, along with Di, our neighbor and her brother Rob started on the garage conversion. They got the frame for the wall put up then found out there is no stud in the ceiling to anchor it to. They also got the A/C from Di's mom, so the boys will have heat and cold air. I am wondering how they are going to fix that ceiling problem..
  Jess is still in the hospital. I don't know when she will be getting out. I didn't go to see her today.
  I trimmed my tomato plants this morning after the rains went away. They are huge and are poking over the fence. Lots of baby tomatoes though.
  My beans have really taken off and are growing like mad. Soon I am going to need to cage them.
  My legs are a little better today, but I am still hurting. Tonight I will hit the tub again and soak in epsom salts.
   For dinner tonight I made pork stuffed apples. I haven't made them before so I hope they are ok. 

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