Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mid-week Stress

Ok, so my mother in law and father in law will be here in about 2 hours and there is a ton of work left to do on the boys bedroom, painting, moving all their stuff into the new room, getting the flooring down. So where are we going to put the two newest members of the house? Apparently I am the only one thinking about this because Marshall won't answer me when I ask, and nothing is apparent.
  Good news, my garden is taking off. The new plants are doing great and the seeds I planted Sunday have already started to sprout. I planted about 30 cloves of garlic this morning and 2 avocado seeds this afternoon, so we will see how they do.
  Dinner tonight is going to be interesting. I am going to try to cook pork chops without killing myself with heat. That should be interesting.
  Our room is a lot hotter since we took out the A/C unit and put it in the boys' new room. Marshall got a small unit from Rob, but he hasn't put it in yet. I hope he does so soon so we don't roast again tonight.
  Well, gotta get back to work. Like I said, lots to do.

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