Friday, June 28, 2013

Plans for the Weekend

After it was all said and done yesterday, the only thing that was finished was the haul-off. The tree is still standing, waiting for Saturday. My car did get repaired though, and I am really happy about that. Marshall's back is really acting up so he is still in bed this morning. I don't think he slept very well last night. 
  Today is laundry day. I have a ton of clothes from our room to wash. Oh yay.
  Tomorrow will be the big tree-cutting day. The one in the back yard is going too so my garden gets more sun. We are also cutting two for Di next door to get them off her roof.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Too Hot for No A/C

Last night the A/C in the house died. It is 85 in here this morning. Lucky for us, Rob is coming over to fix it in a little while.
  I got the last 2 pics from the tree removal yesterday put into the computer. Here they are:

The left side is the one being cut today. The ones on the right are staying for a while until we can get a cherry picker to get them. They are too far up to reach from the roof and too weak to hold someone, so we need machinery.
  I am really happy that today I get my car back :) I have missed it. Hopefully this fix is the last one.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cutting Down Trees

Today the men started cutting down the old elm tree in the front yard. It wasn't dead, but it was starting to die and it became a hazard so it had to go.
Here are progressive pics:

Tomorrow they will haul off the 3-4 loads of branches from today and get the rest of the tree. It is mostly gone except for a few branches left over the street and the house and the main trunk.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Week in Retrospect

It could have been a worse week. Jess is back in the hospital and has been since Wednesday. I should be getting the money to fix my car sometime tomorrow so I can get her back on the road :) Marshall got 2 letters from Social Security about doctor's appointments for his disability, so he is happy. Logan is putting in applications for jobs, Sean has another interview at the Rialto on Monday for his job application he put in (he had his first interview today), and Michael is also trying to get a job. I am really proud of the boys. They are stepping up. 
  I am fascinated with the lives of the Romany Gypsies. I guess it's because my biological mother's family had Travelers in it. I want my own vardo, and think it would be a great way to see the country. My car would pull it. I have been gathering pictures of how I want to decorate my bedroom to look like the inside of one and plan on starting on that soon also. I am sure Marshall will think I have lost my mind. Just look at the lady below. She looks happy. That is how I want to look :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Car Trouble

  My car has died again. I think I am going to have to replace the alternator and I am not happy about it. That will be a $300 fix and I am seriously broke. I guess it will have to wait until we have the money, which could be a while with us having to support so many people.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Weekend Begins

Today is the first weekend of summer break and already I am hearing how bored certain teenagers are. This is starting out to be a really long summer. Yesterday it rained and thundered most of the morning, so I didn't have to water the garden. Today I looked in on it and it still looked good, so I didn't water. I did harvest some more of the basil and a little mint though. Those basil plants are really growing.
 Our unofficially adopted son Anthony graduated on Thursday. I am really proud of him. He has come out of a really bad family situation and has really done a wonderful job of raising himself for the most part, save the year and a half he lived with us. 
  6:50 PM- Just got back from taking Logan to the ER. He tore a muscle in his back trying to load the U-Haul for his dad to go to Oklahoma. His dad left and went on to OK and Logan was in the ER. What a creep. What is it with so many bad parents these days? It really makes me mad that someone would do that to their child when the kid is in the ER in pain and has to be taken there by a neighbor. Wow.
  Well, I was wanting more excitement. Guess I got it. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Almost Done!

The boys' room is 99% finished! We are putting their beds in there tonight because Jess came back from her friend's house and now we need to get the boys out in the new room so she has somewhere to sleep. 
  Tomorrow I am going to the gym. I haven't been all week and it is driving me crazy.
 My MIL got in ok and we unloaded their stuff into storage today. They have as much stuff as we do.
That's about it for today. Maybe there will be something more interesting tomorrow :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mid-week Stress

Ok, so my mother in law and father in law will be here in about 2 hours and there is a ton of work left to do on the boys bedroom, painting, moving all their stuff into the new room, getting the flooring down. So where are we going to put the two newest members of the house? Apparently I am the only one thinking about this because Marshall won't answer me when I ask, and nothing is apparent.
  Good news, my garden is taking off. The new plants are doing great and the seeds I planted Sunday have already started to sprout. I planted about 30 cloves of garlic this morning and 2 avocado seeds this afternoon, so we will see how they do.
  Dinner tonight is going to be interesting. I am going to try to cook pork chops without killing myself with heat. That should be interesting.
  Our room is a lot hotter since we took out the A/C unit and put it in the boys' new room. Marshall got a small unit from Rob, but he hasn't put it in yet. I hope he does so soon so we don't roast again tonight.
  Well, gotta get back to work. Like I said, lots to do.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So Much for Impatience

Today Marshall and the boys, along with Di, our neighbor and her brother Rob started on the garage conversion. They got the frame for the wall put up then found out there is no stud in the ceiling to anchor it to. They also got the A/C from Di's mom, so the boys will have heat and cold air. I am wondering how they are going to fix that ceiling problem..
  Jess is still in the hospital. I don't know when she will be getting out. I didn't go to see her today.
  I trimmed my tomato plants this morning after the rains went away. They are huge and are poking over the fence. Lots of baby tomatoes though.
  My beans have really taken off and are growing like mad. Soon I am going to need to cage them.
  My legs are a little better today, but I am still hurting. Tonight I will hit the tub again and soak in epsom salts.
   For dinner tonight I made pork stuffed apples. I haven't made them before so I hope they are ok. 

The Past Week

It has been a really rough week. We were supposed to be starting on converting the garage for the boys but instead are having to wait on the money, which is really frustrating. It was supposed to be here yesterday. Marshall is not a happy man right now. He hates having to wait on anything.
  Thursday, Jess went back in the hospital. She was dehydrated and not absorbing the food properly, so they are keeping an eye on her and trying to figure out how to get her to gain weight. To top it off, she and I had a major fight yesterday which resulted in me not wanting anything to do with her for a while. It did do one thing though, I got my priorities back and am not going to be anyone's doormat anymore. I am tired of being treated like crap by everyone, so at least that is a good thing that came of all the drama yesterday.
  My garden is growing a lot. I got 3 new sweet basil plants last week and planted 12 bean plants and a whole lot of carrots in a container. I also got a boxwood basil plant and a spicy globe basil plant and put those in flower boxes in the front of the house, plus planted some lime basil and lemon balm. I will get the chives and some other stuff planted in the next few days, I hope. I really wanted corn this year, but have no place to put it.
  Next week is Sean's last week of school for the year, so he is looking forward to that. Not the finals though. Bryan is already done, but will be going back to public school in the fall, I think. He misses his friends.
Well, it is raining badly again, so I had better go before we lost power. Peace all :)