Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still Sick but Getting Better

Today I am really congested and coughing but I am feeling a lot better. I am also really close to getting my car back, so I am really happy :) I haven't had my car for almost a month now since the alternator broke, but our neighbor's brother found the part I needed and we just bought it and it should be here soon. I have missed my car. I have been driving my mom's Buick but that is really Marshall's car and I don't like driving other people's cars, even if my name is on the title. Marshall is the one that has been driving it since Mom died, and so I think of it as his. Right now all we have working are the Buick and Marshall's truck and the truck is too big for me to feel comfortable driving it. 
  My garden is taking off. This morning the baby poblano pepper is twice the size it was when I took those pics a few days ago and there are at least 8 more tomatoes on the cherry tomato plant. My bell pepper plants are flowering and will all soon have baby peppers on them and Bryan's tomatoes on his plant are finally turning orange. All in all it is doing really well. Now if I can just get the compost to work right.
  My cat Stevie is climbing all over the place today and it is really getting on Jess' nerves. She gets all wound up over the cats and the fact that they are allowed pretty much everywhere they want. Of course, they can't get in the food or on the counters while I am cooking but they are allowed on the furniture and my desk and bed and a couple of them even get in the bath tubs. It drives her nuts.
  Well, gotta go finish my stuff I started earlier.

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