Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sick of the Clinic

Jess had her first follow-up appointment today at 9:30. We got there at 9:15 and sat in the waiting room until 12:00. After that, we went back to another waiting room and sat for another 30 minutes until she got her 15 minutes with the doctor, who checked her records, looked at her meds, didn't even do an exam and sent her on her way with the admonition to drink Ensure or Boost or something and talk to a nutritionist. I guess she is ok. He didn't even check her incision or her ileostomy. Wow. I wonder why exactly we went there this morning.
 6:13PM- Sitting here waiting for the two quiches I made to finish cooking. Marshall is watching Arrow in the bedroom and Bryan and Michael are playing Minecraft. That is one messed up looking game. Heather likes it too, but I can't get interested. The graphics stink and it looks boring. I would much rather be reading.
Life here isn't getting any more interesting. The stress level is really high and as it gets closer to my MIL getting here it is getting worse. That and we have no money coming in except from the few times I get money from the trust and the minimal child support. With Jess and Ian moving back home I am really feeling crowded. I know a parent shouldn't feel like that, but there are way too many bodies in this house and two more due next month. At least the boys will have the new room to live in. I am stuck in the house with the rest of the people and have no privacy. July can't get here fast enough and I am going to try to get my trip to Abilene. I really need a break from it all and Abilene is where I go. It really has been too long.  

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