Monday, May 6, 2013

No New House and a Lot of Work Ahead

We decided instead of getting another house we would just enclose our garage and make it into a dormer for the three boys. We have to clear out the garage first, so we are starting on that tomorrow. I hope everything fits in our storage unit...
Today I have been really tired. It seems the past few weeks have finally caught up to me and are taking a toll on my energy level. It seems all I want to do is sleep. It took everything I had today to clean out the pantry and get all the food in there organized. I didn't quite finish, because one of the shelves is broken and has to be replaced before I can put all the boxed food back, but I did get all the cans and glass jars back in there. I didn't realize there were that many :)
I got a new cookbook today. It is called "1001 Easy Potluck Recipes". I got it for a little over $3 at Dollar General. I like the "1001"-series cookbooks. The recipes are simple and budget-friendly. They also tend to make a lot, which helps with a family the size of mine. Next month we will add two more people, so then I really need the large recipes again. Right now it is just the 3 boys, me and Marshall, Jess, a neighbor kid Michael, and our other neighbor's son Logan. Feeding 8 people is about normal, 10 next month will be a little harder, but not much. Glad I put in that garden this year :)

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