Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back to the Hospital

Jess went into the hospital two days ago because she was running a fever and her back has been really hurting. At around 10 PM on Monday she called us and said she was in the Er and wanted us to come down. We went and it turns out that she had a group of abcesses in her abdominal cavity that had gunked up her intestine, her ovary and fallopian tube and appendix on the right side. Yesterday the doctors performed surgery, removing her appendix and clearing out most of the infection along with a bunch of necrotic tissue from where the infection had put a hole in her colon. The also put in a drain from her abdominal cavity to her thigh in case more infection is there. It took almost 6 1/2 hours. She went back to the ICU for the night and should be put into a room later today. Marshall and I were there for over 12 hours yesterday and today looks like it is going to be another long one.

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